External accounts department

Many companies consider engaging the services of an external accountant or payroll administrator as the most economical alternative and better from the point of view of quality. There are many advantages, among them that you only pay for the time we work and gain a clear picture of accounting costs. Whether you are starting up your business or taking that first tentative step into a new geographic market, you will require the support of a wide range of professional advisors to take full advantage of new business opportunities and overcome the myriad challenges on your way.

Tailored solutions

We tailor our services to your needs. You decide which services you require and only pay for these. We offer an efficient full service including everything from bookkeeping, payrolls, invoices and accounts payable, to tax returns and annual reports. You also have access to web reports, which many find a very useful report tool.

Please contact us for a price quotation for any of our services.