Payroll services and HR Department

One of the greatest advantages of engaging Account IT to administer your payroll is that you never need to think about new legislation and changes regarding industrial law and contracts. We have the expertise and latest technology to ensure that your payroll is handled professionally and that the correct wage is paid to the correct person at the correct time. Our charges give you a clear picture of the cost of the various payroll services, making it easy for you to see for what you pay.

Payroll administration is performed from our office.

We consider it important to allow our customers to take advantage of the latest technological solutions, and therefore offer the likes of web applications for data transfer. Your employees can send time reports and access salary specifications over the Internet through our interactive web service. Listed below is a summary of the payroll services we offer.

  • Monthly services
  • Salary preparation.
  • Administration of travelling expense accounts.
  • Payment of wages via modem directly to BGC.
  • Journal vouchers.
  • Records for tax returns.
  • Administration of company cars, i.e. car and other benefits
  • Reports in Word, Excel or PDF format
  • Other services
  • Income statements to the tax authority and employees
  • Inquiries to CSR (central tax register)
  • Records for FORA/AMF reports
  • Holiday allowance calculations at the start of each new holiday year
  • Administration of employer's reports
  • Printout of employment contracts
  • SAF and SCB statistics
  • Possibility for employees to submit inquiries regarding their salary

HR Department

Managing your human capital is one way to get your company to grow. But knowing how to do this is not always easy. There are a host of labour regulations, and time and resources are often short.

We have the solution. Our HR specialists offer you access to skills and services normally only found at companies with dedicated HR departments. We can help you find staff, and help you retain them - an increasingly important competitive factor.

Examples of our new services:

  • Recruitment
  • Employee agreements and personnel policies
  • Work climate surveys
  • Performance reviews
  • Working practices
  • Recruitment